You think I’d know better

Avoid Texting While Driving. Simple enough advice.

Yes, I know that I don’t need to check my phone while I’m driving.

Sometimes I check and read text while driving, I’ll answer a call and if I am at a stop light I will begin a text.

Now I am very aware that this is a dumb thing to do. I can wait until I ge where I’m going to know why my phone vibrated.

Today driving to class I put my phone down after reading a text, when I put my phone back in the center console of my car I saw a county sheriff car passing me on I-5. That made me think….huh, maybe I won’t look at my phone, it’s definitely not worth a ticket.

Ten minutes later my phone vibrated again. I reached for it, and left it alone.

They say driving distracted is as bad as driving drunk. I would disagree. I can decide to stop being distracted. I’ve never seen anyone just to stop being drunk.

Texting while driving can get you a ticket. But don’t worry, it’s still OK to hold on to something that is on fire, putting it into your mouth. And you can have a live animal on your lap, because we know that is not dangerous. But don’t you dare pull out that phone.


What are some things you guys do while driving? Comment below.


One thought on “You think I’d know better

  1. well, I used to put on my makeup and/or change clothes while driving…that was when I was young and stupid…I’ve seen people reading the newspaper or a book while driving

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