The Worship Guitar Workshop

This weekend I had the privilege to attend a guitar workshop with Kyle Frank from Overlake Christian Church. Kyle is on staff with the student ministry at Overlake. He is also the brother-in-law of our worship pastor. It was great to get to hear from him and get a brief spiritual history of U2.

We got to spend some time with the guitars, and that was great. But I really enjoyed the time he spent teaching on worship at the start. I also enjoyed the maple bars Pastor David brought in.

The first point he made is that we are serving the church by using our talents. And while this isn’t new information, it is good to remember. We are not just “playing guitar” on Sunday mornings. We need to remember what we do in a worship band as service to God. We need to set aside the time during the week to practice and become better musicians. Would we bring God less than our best in other areas of ministry? Would we expect the pastor to read through a passage once because he is just giving a talk? We use our gifts to help the body of Christ enter in to worship and that deserves our best effort.

Being that “I”m just a tool”, this point resonated with me. He said that nothing matters by itself, but is to be used as a tool to help lead the church. This morning at Columbia Heights A.G. we didn’t have a keyboard player. Worship sounded different, but we were still able to worship. None of us, by ourselves, are what makes worship. We need to be able to play the parts we have and help the overall worship. Play when we need to, learn to hold the six string beast in our hands and not play at times. Be willing to be used to help people enter into the presence of God.

Kyle gave three keys to being a better musician:




Don’t let your passion become boring. Find ways to love what you do again. Whether it be an instrument, writing or any passion that God has placed inside you. Practice it and used it to bring glory to God.

What are some things you can do to get the passion back for something that may have become boring?


What do you think?

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