8 Things I Learned Working at Skate World…

Here are 8 things that I learned while working at Skateworld, and an application for ministry:

1- People like you if you like people.

Seriously, be friendly. If we go out of our way to make someone feel like we’re glad that they are here, they will like that.

2- You might have to play music that you don’t like.

I was a D.J., I played songs from N*sync, Brittany Spears, the Backstreet Boys. I didn’t like that music, but I played it. Sometimes in church there is music that we may not like, it’s not all for us. Worship is for God and His glory, we may need to play a song we don’t like because our congregation really connects with it and can worship to it.

3- When you skate into a wall with the intention of flipping over it and landing on the other side, be careful not to hit your head on the bottom of aforementioned concrete wall.

It hurts. Think through what you’re going to do. All the way through it. It may be a fantastic idea until the end, and then just be a headache.

4- Show up to work on time.

Show up to (insert ministry night or event here) on time

5- Tuck in laces when finished.

Make sure that every loose end is tied up when you’re finished. Don’t leave the mess for the next person.

6-You probably shouldn’t tell the kid who asks you to “play some good music” while you’re spinning “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” on a 45 to “shut up and go skate”.

It is probably wise to refrain from telling people we are ministering to to “shut up” not matter what words follow.

7- It’s good to learn from younger people

I became a much better skater while working at Skateworld. I was OK with falling (bright red shirt that says “crew”), but being willing to learn from the twelve year old how to skate backwards was easier than learning on my own. We should be looking and willing to learn from places besides leaders. God can show us things through places we don’t expect.

8- I leaned recently from Carlos Whittaker that you don’t always have to have as many points as your title implied.


What have you learned from a different job that applies to ministry?




3 thoughts on “8 Things I Learned Working at Skate World…

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  2. Great analogies here- so much of “real” life teaches us in our ministry. I will share just a lesson or two I learned while an editor for a weekly magazine, I learned to get back with my writers right away and to be consistent. As a believer, it is important to have follow up with people and to be consistent.

  3. As a store manager, I have learned that it’s sometimes ok (and sometimes not) to stand up for what you believe in. As in all things God, balance is required. If a customer says a curse word, or comes in drunk (stoned, high, tweeking-I’ve seen ’em all), it’s usually better not to say anything, I just silently pray for them and hope they leave soon! As for those few who are continually cussing, or belligerantly drunk (stoned, high, tweeking…), I stand up. If cursing, I ask them (usually politely) to please not say those words, as most people in here really don’t want to hear them. The response I get? Almost always, they apologize profusely (many say they don’t even realize they are cussing), and they watch what they say. This translates well into the church world as well. If a brother or sister offends me once in a while, I can usually shrug it off and pray for them. If a Christian I have a relationship with (very important here) is continually offensive (ie: in sin), I have a responsibility to that person and to Jesus to talk to that person-prayerfully, sincerely, gently and in love.

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