Things I Like About My Grandpa’s Church

Onalaska is a community or populated place located in Lewis County at latitude 46.575 and longitude -122.718. The elevation is 489 feet. The town is amazing. It has a school, burger joint, post office, and in the last few years a credit union as well.

My grandparents attend Onalaska Presbyterian church. They sing songs out a hymnal and the preacher wears a robe. I don’t visit the church often, but there are a few things I really enjoy when I do.

I do enjoy (occasionally) singing out of a hymnal. Some of the songs are so powerful and amazing. Listening to old men sing with conviction of their faith is inspiring. Yeah, you have to read the words, but you are singing doctrine and I believe God enjoys that.

Another thing I like is how the pastor will have all the kids come forward and do a Bible story before releasing the kids for children’s church. I know it is not always possible in larger churches, but it is neat to see all the kids sitting in the front learning from the pastor.

They may be old school, but they are all right by me. If you ever find yourself in Ony on a Sunday morning stop by.

What are some things you like about small town churches?


3 thoughts on “Things I Like About My Grandpa’s Church

  1. Our church in Alaska was very small…about 100 people, including kids. I like the fact that everyone knew everyone. Nobody was an acquaintance, we were all family. We shared holidays (mostly), grief and joy-just like any family. We had our share of squabbles but, with so much family around, we couldn’t stay at odds for long. Our church was a cozy, comfortable place…kinda like home.

  2. I love the architecture and smells. We also have some small town, off the beaten path towns with OLD churches. It’s nice to let the building talk to you. Of revivals long past. Of babies being baptized. Babies of that time are now the new headstones in the cemetery and they faithfully attended one church their whole life. They used to clean and maintain the building and the parishioners. Their loyalty to one church, one family, one God is unsurpassed. It’s just the way things were done. It makes me miss some things that I’ve never actually had.

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