Hooked On A Feeling

I like to run.

I don’t always want to get ready and go for a run, but eight times out of eleven, when I’m out there doing it, I enjoy running.

My normal place to run is Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA. It is mostly lit and I’d imagine it would be a beautiful run during the day, but running it at night I just notice that it is mostly lit. It is a 3.6 mile loop and I try to run it twice a week. Recently I’ve started doing two laps around on Thursdays and have yet to fall over into the grass (though I do run on the inside of the path just in case).

Even on the days that I don’t “feel like” getting ready and going out for a run I think it helps to keep me in shape.

I think reading the Bible is the same way. Even on days I don’t really “feel like” spending time in God’s Word I think that God is able to show me things and I can grow. God is not limited or hindered by whether or not I feel like it.

There are many things that if I only did when “I feel like it” wouldn’t get done very often. But I do them, and they are not less productive based on the feelings I started with. My grass is still shorter, I’m in better shape and I spent time in God’s Word.

Should I want to dive deep in to the Word of God and seek to know Him more? Absolutely. Do I always feel like it? No. Can God speak to me when I’m spending time in the Word out of discipline? Yes, I think that He can.

Psalm 119:9 asks “How can a young man keep his way pure?

Is duty or discipline a valid reason for spending a daily time in the Word of God?


3 thoughts on “Hooked On A Feeling

  1. Absolutely. This year is the first time I am reading the word through a reading plan (Life Journal). And God has been speaking to me way more often because of that. I’ll join you on a run one of these Tuesday nights!

    • Would love to have you run with me Pastor David. It’s almost like the more time we spend with God and the more opportunities we give Him, the more He speaks to us (and then through us).

  2. Many times what starts out as just an act of obedience becomes a blessing. I don’t always want to go to church..I like to sleep, and on Wednesdays I’m busy. When I tell myself no and go to church, I am always blessed in some way…and I can usually be a blessing to someone. It’s the same with studying, or daily Bible reading. I don’t always want to get started but, when I do, God is there waiting for me. Who knows how many blessings I’ve missed out on because I’ve given in to my flesh. Only God knows how many other people missed out on a blessing either because I wasn’t there for them, or not ready to give them the answer they needed because I hadn’t studied enuf. The more I discipline myself to go to church, read His Word and study it, the more I want to.

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