What If He Had Stopped Where I Did?

This last Sunday was Easter, I’m sure that’s not a surprise to most of you.

I went out and bought “The Passion of the Christ” Saturday night. I hadn’t seen it in years and thought this was a fitting time of year to view it. I decided I would get up early Sunday morning and watch it before leaving for rehearsal.

I set my alarm and got up just after five o’clock on Sunday morning. But when I got my headphones plugged in and got seated on the couch my son woke up, so I got him back to sleep, then my daughter was up, so I reassured her that I wouldn’t leave for church without her but it wasn’t time for her to be awake yet.

With my delays I was unable to finish the movie. I made it to where Jesus was on Golgotha but not yet nailed to the cross. He had endured the unfair trials, had been beaten (likely beyond recognition) and had, with help, carried his cross up that hill. But He wasn’t nailed to it yet.

What if Jesus had decided in that moment that it wasn’t worth it. He had angels at His command, He could have stopped it at any point. He could have decided that this plan was too hard. Why finish this? Why follow God’s plan?

I didn’t have time to finish the movie, but I know the end of the story. Jesus laid aside His will and every last bit of His comfort to do the will of the Father. Because of that I’m eternally grateful.

How often do we forget that Jesus chose to willingly lay down His life, Himself to pay the price for our sins.


2 thoughts on “What If He Had Stopped Where I Did?

  1. We are not left on this earth after our salvation to please ourselves. We are still here to do the will of the Father, just like Jesus did. When was the last time we laid down our lives for someone else? Is this an ‘ouch’?

  2. Honey, your blogs are amazing! i really get to know more about you and who you are and you make me laugh! 🙂 Some of them are not as interesting to me but the few i read at the beginning of your blog were very good. I think you should be a writer with some of the insight you have, the last blog you did (which was the first i read today) was amazing and very well written, no wonder people are encouraged by your writing, keep it up love and will look forward to reading more (and shaking my head at some) 🙂

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