48 Days To The Work You Love

I’m reading a book….by my own choice. If you knew me in high-school then you know that in and of itself is worth writing a post about.

Tim Schmoyer has posted a couple things as he has been reading from 48 Days to the Work You Love. It seemed like something that I could benefit from reading so I picked it up.

I’m on day five. And I’m a bit Chascacitespectant. So far I’ve learned that the author is a fan of making new words by combining existing words. I’m challenged, scared, excited and expectant as I’m reading this book.

He breaks down work, career and vocation. I understand that work is far from defining who I am and there are many other aspects which make up my identity. Keeping that focus helps me in a job I don’t so much enjoy.

So as I go through this book it is likely that the tens of readers of this blog will have the privilege of working through this with me, or at least praying for me as I work through it.

If money had nothing to do with it, what would you do with 40-50 hours a week?


One thought on “48 Days To The Work You Love

  1. I, too, hate my job. Well, not all of it. It is at least varied, and I’m not bored. Prayerfully, the store will sell soon and I will have to decide ..what’s next? If money were no object, I would love love love to teach. I think God has given me the talent to make things that are hard to understand easier. (if that makes sense) I want to go to college to learn Greek, Hebrew, and all of the many, many things I don’t know about the Bible so I can then teach these things to others. I also want to volunteer at various organizations…the Lakeside Helps Center, Friends of Cats, etc. If we were somehow blessed with LOTS of money, I would also like to tour the many charities that send me requests for money each month to see if they are really what they say they are. If so, then I’d like to be able to give them a sizable donation. If not, to be able to report them and get them out of business. Even at 55, I have a lot of things I still want to do, and hopefully, much still to give.

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