Get The Order Right

Ever since they invented those magical screens in drive-thrus (the ones that make what you ordered appear as if out of nowhere when the person taking your order enters it into the computer) it has been easier for the King and Queen, Ronald, Wendy and Colonel Sanders to get our orders correct and in the time it takes us to get to the second window have our custom-made lunch waiting for us.

I’ve heard a few times recently that “excellence doesn’t just happen”. You have to be intentional if you want to be above average at something. You can’t just think “man, I’d like to be really good at that” without putting any effort into it and expect that you will succeed.

The thing is, most of us will apply this to business, a job or maybe a hobby. But when we do that first we don’t get the order right.

The first area that we should be striving for excellence in is our relationship with God. Why would we understand that for something to be excellent it needs our attention yet keep God only on the back of our mind. We should be purposeful about our relationship, having spiritual goals, seeking what God has for us and being accountable to trusted people about our walk with God.

The second thing (if you’re married) is your marriage and family. We can read books and attend seminars on things we need to know to do better in the workplace. We’ll put in extra hours or go in early for training at work. But how many times are we intentional about having a healthy, happy marriage? It takes being intentional and putting in hard work for something to be excellent, it can be easy to overlook the truth of that with regards to relationships.

Excellence won’t just happen. It will take goals, planning, hard work and time, but it’s worth it.

What area in your life could use a more intentional approach?


2 thoughts on “Get The Order Right

  1. Wow! That is such a great post. We (Greg & I) started a new topic in Sunday School about going deeper…that we can’t expect God to just supernaturally ZOT! us with everything we need to know about Him. We need to put in the time to pray, listen, read His Word, and study. This does not include going to church, or witnessing, or the many little prayers we send up every day. These are different times, specially set aside, just to get closer to Him. If we make the effort, He will draw nearer.

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