Let It Rain

Friday we had beautiful weather here in Longivew, WA. It’s rare, but it happens. My wife and kids even received sunburns from an afternoon spent at the lake with friends. I was driving around with my sunroof open, letting the breeze flow through my faux hawk.

I parked my car in our driveway Friday afternoon. We took the van when we went out to a youth even Friday night.

Saturday morning I got up to go for my run. Went to the garage to get my headphones so I could rock the Planet Shakers album while I ran the lake and I realized that I had left my sunroof open all night.

It rained. Now I should expect that. It may not rain hard that often and it may not rain for that long every time it rains. But in southwest Washington, it rains.

I had stuff that got wet. Nothing that got ruined, thankfully. I dried off my Bible (in its case) and my seats might be wet when I drive to work tomorrow. But overall not too much damage.

That sunroof keeps the inside of my car dry.

How often do we pray for God to rain down His Spirit, His freedom, His blessings upon us, only to leave our sunroof closed.

We want Him to move in our lives. We can see it through the glass, we can hear it pounding just above us but can’t quiet connect.

Praying through the Scripture is something that helps me.

What can you do when it doesn’t feel like you’re quiet connecting with God through prayer?


2 thoughts on “Let It Rain

  1. Focus. For me, when I don’t connect with God, it’s usually because I don’t have all of me focussed on Him. Sometimes there is sin blocking the way, but if I don’t hear Him, I don’t know the problem. At those times, I have to block out the world around me, quiet the raging tide of my mind, and just listen to Him. He is faithful to meet me wherever I am, and help me find the problem. Then we can talk.

    • Cindi, being able to focus is absolutely key. It helps knowing that He’s not “judging” our prayers but that He knows ahead of time what we are going to bring and how are day is going.

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