The Magical Metronome

There was a metronome at rehearsal last night. Pastor David brought him from home.

No, not a well dressed short bearded man. Though that would have been great, especially if he sang baritone and was wearing Chuck Taylors and aviator sunglasses.

Rather, we had a machine that made a wonderful clicking noise in perfect time. We weren’t able to have it the whole night but we practiced with it on a couple of songs.

I don’t practice to a gnome as much as I should, but I’ll throw it on once in a while when I remember that “hey, if you’re going to spend time practicing you might as well get the most out of it”.

Some of the musicians didn’t think that they would enjoy working with a metronome and some had never tried or wanted to give it a chance.

At the end of rehearsal the drummer was praising the awesomeness of this magical device. We don’t currently all have in ear monitors so it’s not something we can  use during the worship gathering, but that is a place we are working towards and somewhere people are actually excited about.

Practicing with a metronome will help you keep better time. Playing with a metronome during a worship set can help to keep people on the same page. You can have only vocals and still keep time, you can have the acoustic guitar just strumming on the chord change and still keep time. It truly is a magical machine.

Do you practice with a metronome?

Have you ever thought of using it in a live situation to keep the band “tight”


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