Making Up Names

I work on a mill site for an HVAC company.

There are a few guys on site that I’ve met and talk to once in a while.

There are also many people that I will see around but never talk to. I make up names for these people.

There is a guy who drives a forklift who we call “Smilin’ Mike”. If you drive something around the mill that automatically makes you a “Mike”.

“Cowboy Mike” has the coolest hardhat ever, it is shaped like a cowboy hat and has stickers from probably the last 25 years on it.

One guy who drives and operates a crane or a boom truck we just call “Mike the Crane Guy”. The main reason is that his name actually is Mike and he’s our favorite crane guy to work with.

This is a small and silly way of judging people, but how often do we take the time to know someone before we decide what we think about them?

The Bible speaks in James about showing favortism and Jesus tells us that it is the sick who need a doctor and not the healthy, do we live that way?

Do we pray for God to show us people through His eyes?

How often does someone totally mess up what you thought they would be like when you take the time to get to know them?


One thought on “Making Up Names

  1. i did this in high school (could have had awesome friends all through school but it didn’t happen till my senior year because of my judging, my pride and insecurity) and i judge now too, it is a dangerous thing and can cost a lot!

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