They Didn’t Have To


We had a great meeting at the Salvage Yard this week.

Our youth pastor and a team are at the L.A. Dream center on a mission trip.

We have an outstanding team of youth leadersa who are able to step up to the plate and help our meeting run smoothly and get things done.

But I would like to thank three people outside of that team.

1- Pastor Kent: It is great to see the lead pastor pouring in to the lives of students. He was available and hanging out with students before and after the meeting and he brought a challanging message from Scripture.

2- Pastor David: The church’s worship pastor took time to come down and lead worship. I enjoy seeing him pour in to younger musicians and it is always a pleasure to worship with him.

3- My Mom: This mostly affects my wife and I, but we would not both be able to be at the Yard during the summer without someone watching our kids.

Thank you to everyone who helped make a youth meeting happen this week.

Who are some people that we easily forget to thank for their time?


What do you think?

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