Swingin’ The Hammer

If I were a hammer and I saw how easy some of the other tools had it I’d likely be jealous.

A hammer has a tough gig. Almost any time that it’s used it is being swung with great force to hit something, that can’t feel good.

The hammer can look at a saw and think “man, all that guy does is slide back and forth and the wood parts like the Red Sea.

But the hammer doesn’t see what it takes to make that saw sharp so it can do it’s job.

It can be easy to look at the ministry and lives of others and wonder why they “have it so easy”. We don’t see everything that God is doing or has done in their lives to get them to where they are.

All we know is sometimes it hurts and it is hard to see how God is using us and our situations to bring Him glory. We forget that our comfort is less important than His glory.

When was the last time you thought “man, they’ve got it easy”?


What do you think?

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