Down This Trail

This is a blog post about what I plan to do in future blog posts.

Is it a waste of your time to read it? I don’t think so. The main reason I’m writing is to help define what I want to do with this blog. By reading this you (one of my tens of readers) will be able to see when you might most likely enjoy heading over to my blog.

If you happen to enjoy the content feel free to subscribe via the box on the right hand side. If not just stop by when I post the link on the Facebook.

My passions are youth ministry and worship and I’ve enjoyed writing devotional thoughts and stories from time to time.

So here is the plan:

Wednesdays: a post in the worship category

Mondays: a youth ministry related post

Saturday: a devotional thought for your weekend

That is pretty much how I plan to roll. I am pretty sure that there are times that I’ll miss a post, but I will do what I can to stick to that schedule.

Does it help you to have a written out plan?


What do you think?

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