Spending Time At Dirk’s -part 1

To me “Dirk’s” sounds like a good name for a tavern, maybe a sports bar at best. But the Dirk’s that I’ve been hanging out at is a small prayer chapel on the campus of Multnomah University.

I have class Thursday evenings and have been getting there early and heading over to Dirk’s to spend time praying and worshiping.

Over the next few weeks I’d like to share with you three things I’ve learned/remembers in the time that I’ve been spending worshiping and praying at Dirk’s.

Number 1: Setting Matters

When it comes to worship the setting that we are in can affect how easy it is to worship.

Just walking into this old chapel with pews that would seat around 60-70 people makes it easy for me to want to pray and worship. To me stained glass and pews with a slightly out of tune piano on the stage is an easy setting to worship my Creator.

I think this can be applied to a corporate worship setting as well.

Are we deliberate about the setting that we create for others to worship? I’m not saying that God can only move if the lights are at 70% with colored lights on the stage and the keyboard player laying down a heavenly pad to “set the mood”. But I do think that we can think of ways to make it as easy as possible for people to enter in to worship.

As a worshiper what are some things about a worship setting that you pay attention to?

As a worship leader/pastor what are some elements of the setting that you make sure are in place each week?


4 thoughts on “Spending Time At Dirk’s -part 1

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    • The pad underneath just an acoustic guitar and vocals is probably how we’ll be worshiping in Heaven. It may be brighter than 70% lit though.

      Thanks for the response Pastor David.

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