10 Things I Learned At Wildhorse

Washington Family Ranch (formerly Wildhorse Canyon) is a Young Life camp out in Antelope, OR. A place where they don’t believe in cell phones.

I was able to get away with my wife this weekend for a retreat that Multnomah does every year before the school year begins.

It is fun to meet the families of some of the people that you’ve spent every Thursday evening with for the last year and a half. It’s also interesting to be at a retreat where most of the people there are around 20-22 years old and you have more in common with some of the faculty than the student body.

All-in-all it was a good weekend. Niki and I left the kids with my parents and were able to get away and enjoy some time alone….together…..with hundreds of college kids.

So here they are: The 10 things I learned at Wildhorse.

1- No matter how often you refer to it as “Washington Family Ranch” people are going to call it Wildhorse, it just sounds better.

2- I can survive without Twitter and the Facebook for at least 3 days.

3- When you put a couple hundred college kids at a pool until midnight they are loud.

4- Michael Sheldon plays the same guitar as David Woll.

5- It is OK to wear a winter beanie in the desert when the temperature is 90 degrees.

6- When they say “pool Olympics” they really mean waste some time and then have a belly-flop contest.

6a- When doing a “belly” flop the key is to not land on your face.

7- If you spontaneously join aforementioined pool Olympics you should remove your wallet from your shorts first or be prepared to lay it’s contents on a bed to dry for the day.

8- When playing disc golf you should carry an extra frisbee if there is water nearby.

9- A 45 minute game of 5-on-5, full-court basketball isn’t the best way to keep busy before a 3-on-3 tournament.

10- It is distracting during worship when the bass player (a guy) is wearing skinny jean cutoff shorts. I can handle one or the other, but I think both was a bit too far.

What was your end-of-summer adventure?

What is the longest you’ve gone without social media in the last 6 months?


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