Spending Time At Dirks- part 2

This is part 2 of a quick series about things I’ve learned (remembered) spending time at a prayer chapel with a name fit for a pub.

In part 1 we talked about atmosphere. You can read it here.

The first time I walked into Dirks I wasn’t really sure what I was allowed or supposed to do.

Unsure if I would find the doors unlocked, I came to spend some time in prayer about some things that I was wrestling with. When I was inside I looked around for a list of guidelines for spending time there, but none were to be found.

I walked onto the stage in the front and thumbed through a Bible and a few prayer journals that were on a shelf. Then I sat down at a slightly out of tune piano and just started playing through chord progressions.

I started praying while I was playing and just crying out to God.

I was able to just pray what I was feeling and with the emotional power of the music cry out to God.

All our worship doesn’t have to be telling God how wonderful He is. Yes, that is true and definitely has
it’s place in our worship of Him, but sometimes it feels great just to pour our hearts out before Him.

David does it in Psalm 57 and all throughout the Psalms. There are Psalms of praise and psalms asking why God has forsaken and how long will He hide His face.

In that little prayer chapel, with an almost in tune piano and the afternoon light pouring through the
stained glass I was reminded that it is good to cry out to God.

Have you ever spent time (with or without an instrument) just telling God how you feel and what’s bothering you?

Is this something that is easier to do for someone who plays an instrument?


3 thoughts on “Spending Time At Dirks- part 2

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  2. I think playing an instrument is a part of you, and so, a very real part of your worship. Sometimes, music can interfere with “God time”. I think we all need several different times-and ways-to worship. You’re right in saying that worship isn’t just about praising. We worship when we pray for others (or ourselves), when we listen for His voice, when we study His Word, and when we just cry out in pain-be that pain physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. God doesn’t always need words from us-he knows them before we say them anyway! I’ve been in a chapel like that-I still get goosebumps just writing about the experience. God was there when I got there, he didn’t come in with me. It was wonderful.

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