Singing The Psalms – Spending Time At Dirks Part 3

Welcome to the final part of this series of posts on things I’ve learned and/or been reminded of while spending time at a small prayer chapel on Multnomah’s campus.

If you missed the first two parts feel free to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

I look forward to being able to spend about half an hour each week praying and praising God at Dirks before heading to my evening class.

One thing I’ve enjoyed doing lately singing through a Psalm.

I’ve heard Paul Baloche talk about doing this but never really sat down and did it myself. It always seemed like a good idea for another time.

The Psalms were written to and about God. It may not have the same meter in English as it did in the original Hebrew, but the words are powerful and it is easy to worship to.

I simply chose the key of G and started playing through a few different progressions and singing over those. At times I would switch progressions and try the line over some different chords and I would repeat lines. It was great to just grab onto one line of text and repeat it until I was singing it with emotion and not just reading it.

God’s Word is living and active. Why is it that it can be the last place we turn sometimes when we are in need? Praying the Scriptures and singing the songs from the Bible is a powerful way to enjoy time in God’s presence.

Have you ever sung through a Psalm?

If you’re not an instrumentalist do you think this could be a good way to worship without music?


2 thoughts on “Singing The Psalms – Spending Time At Dirks Part 3

  1. Yes to both questions. Sometimes, God gives me a melody for a specific Psalm, other times I just make one up. I just read a post from Joyce Meyer about praying the Scriptures out loud. The Word says to pray in the Spirit and with knowledge. It also says to sing in the Spirit and with knowledge. We can pray or sing words others have written, or make up our own. I know you write songs, have you written Psalms??

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