Calling of Isaiah and Jeremiah

This is part of a paper I wrote during our prophets class. I thought it was pretty interesting.


In Isaiah 6:1 Isaiah saw a vision. He saw the Lord sitting a throne in heaven, His train filling the temple and angels worshiping Him. Jeremiah saw visions during his calling to be a prophet as well. In Jeremiah 1: 11 Jeremiah is given a vision of the branch of an olive tree. Then in verse 14 Jeremiah sees another vision, this time of a boiling pot that is facing away to the north.

Both men were sent as prophets by God. In Jeremiah 1:5 the Lord ordained Jeremiah as a prophet to the nations. In Isaiah 6:9 God tells Isaiah to “Go, tell the people”. They both had a clear calling from the Lord to go and speak His words to the people on His behalf. They were told what God wanted them to do. In verse 8 of Jeremiah one God tells Jeremiah not to fear because He is with him. The Lord told Jeremiah that He would give him the words to speak, Jeremiah didn’t have to worry about what he was going to say, only to speak what God was speaking to him. Knowing that God had called and would be there to protect him seems like it would help Jeremiah to focus on what God has called him to do. I don’t think this would eliminate all doubt or fear, but the call from God and the promise of his protection would definitely make it easier to accept what God has for him.

Both prophets initially resisted. Jeremiah, in verse 6 told the Lord that he could not be used because of his youth. In Isaiah 6:5 Isaiah tells God that he has unclean lips. These men at first were focused on their own limitations. When we focus on us and not what God has called or equipped us to do we can be overwhelmed by the task which He gives us. When they turned their attention toward God and His power to use them they were able to follow His calling for them.

In Isaiah the Lord touched the coal to his lips and commissioned him. In Jeremiah the Lord touched his mouth and put words in his mouth and set him over the nations. We see that God made them ready. God gave them what they needed to be a prophet. Isaiah was cleansed and made righteous before God by the fire put to his mouth. Jeremiah was given the words to say from the Lord and set over the nations.

They both had a willingness to do what God had called them to. In Isaiah 6:8 Isaiah says here I am, send me. He makes himself available to what God  has called him to. He may not know how he will accomplish all that God has spoken to him, but he is willing to lay aside his plan and give himself to what God has called him to.

Is there something you feel God is calling you to that you don’t feel equipped for?

When is the last time you spent time reading the prophets?


3 thoughts on “Calling of Isaiah and Jeremiah

  1. Me, again. BTW-I enjoy reading the prophets. Rite now, I’m reading my chronological Bible-it puts the prophets writings in context with historical events.

  2. God wants me to write. I like the idea of writing, and, once I start, I like to write. My problem is starting. There’s always a hundred million other things to do. Besides, real writing requires discipline, which I just kinda sorta lack. We’re working on it. :>

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