8 Thoughts From New Life, Ilwaco

My wife and I had the chance to visit New Life in Ilwaco, WA this last Sunday morning and hearing Pastor David George speak.

We were at the beach for our anniversary and decided that even at the beach church was a good place to be on Sunday morning.

It was a cool church and we enjoyed the service there.

Here are eight things I took away:

1- A friendly greeting goes a long way. The pastor made sure to greet us when we came in and we felt genuinely welcomed by others.

2- The singing portion of worship can be powerful when none of the songs were written in the last 10 years.

3- I’m still sometimes easily distracted during worship by over-analyzing the band. One guitarist was playing left handed on a guitar strung for a rightie, just turned it over.

4- It feels good when people go out of there way to connect with you and learn a little bit about you.

5- Food coloring is potent stuff (kind of knew this, but got to see it in action).

6- Truly friendly people can make or break a guest’s first visit to your church.

7- People in Ilwaco are going to be making a difference in their community next Sunday. Going out to be the church.

8- The last thing is worthy of it’s own blog post. It’s coming. Watch for it.

When is the last time you were a guest somewhere?

What did you notice about it?


One thought on “8 Thoughts From New Life, Ilwaco

  1. A couple of weeks ago I was working late…so late I lost track of the time. It was 6:40 before I looked at the clock…too late to make it to church. I went across the street to Guatay Community Church. There was only 10 or 12 people there-most of whom I knew, but they all made me feel really welcome and I enjoyed it.

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