An Apple A Day

I may be the only person with a blog who has yet to write about Steve Jobs passing away last week.

I’ve read many blogs that made me like the man and know more about him than I did during his life. One speech that is mentioned often is the Stanford Commencement Speech he gave in 2005. You can read it here.

He died fairly young, but lived longer than he expected. Much has been taken from this and people are encouraging others to follow their dreams and do things today that can change the world.

Many of the youth pastors and worship leaders who’s blogs I read have taken an opportunity to talk about his innovations and his leadership.

I, however, have never owned anything made by Apple (The company Jobs co-founded and was fired from). It’s not that I don’t think they make some great stuff, I’ve just never happened upon any of it.

When I was in high school my friend bought an iMac. We used it for worship presentation in our youth room. But in 1996 not much on a Mac was compatible with a “PC” and about 94 percent of the common folk were using PCs.

Then I just kind of got stuck in a Dell rut. When I bought a laptop for school/video/audio stuff a couple of years ago I went with a Dell. Compatiblity was as much of an issue, but I had just gotten used to not owning a Mac.

I recently (though later than most of the known world) jumped on the smart phone bandwagon. I was looking at the iPhone, and like it. However my sister-in-law had a Motorola Droid that she wasn’t using any longer. So I’m set when Google takes over the world, but remain Mac-less to this day.

I do have fond memories of playing text-based horse racing game at my grandparents house on an old Apple computer.

Are you a Mac person? Why/Why not?

How has Steve Jobs impacted your life?


What do you think?

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