I Think I Used To Have A Dream

I read this tweet from @jonacuff the other day and it got me thinking.

A note from me, to me, that I read every time I believe the lie that “I’m too busy to work on my dream.” http://instagr.am/p/P75eb/

It’s inspiring, no doubt. But what if you’re not exactly sure what your dream is any longer?

What if what maybe was your dream is only part of what you want to do?

I feel like God has placed in me an unquenchable desire to in youth ministry and worship (the musical side of congregational worship).

When I decided to return to school I went with Multnomah, working towards a degree in Leadership and MInistry.

There were other things I thought would be cool to go to school for, but I couldn’t shake the calling I feel is on my life.

But I think I’ve lost a little bit of my dream. Or at least it is cloudy. Life is busy. It always will be. My dream is important, but what exactly is my dream?

Right now it may be confusing.Right now it is confusing, but I have to trust that God is going to have me where He wants me to be. I will continue to serve where I am and pray for where He leads me.

I know God has plans for me and I am looking forward to being able to continue to love and serve Him with my life.


2 thoughts on “I Think I Used To Have A Dream

  1. I’m sorry that I haven’t been replying to your posts, altho I’ve read them all, and they’re really good. Life hasn’t been very easy on many of us these days. My dream was to act and sing. I get to sometimes, but it seems that God doesn’t want me to do it on a full time basis. All I can say is hang onto that dream. The enemy doesn’t want you to fulfill your dream…he certainly wants you to give up. The last thing he needs out there is another on fire, committed Christian leader! I think we are all being tested-God is weeding out the weak-only the strong survive! So don’t just survive this testing-thrive! Use the hard times in your lessons-people need to know they can’t just give up when the going gets hard. You and Nicole REJOUCE that God thinks you’re worthy-and strong enough-to get thru this. We love and are praying for u!

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