I Don’t Like The Little Drummer Boy

It’s not Stanley (the mythical name I’ve chosen to give this made up boy) I have a problem with. Young men with sticks and a snare don’t bother me at all, nor do younger men with wooden spoons and mum’s pots and pans.

If not Stanley, then what don’t I like?

I don’t care for the carol (though I do slightly enjoy the Mercy Me version).

I also don’t care for the old school claymation or the Veggie Tales version of the story. Which is a bit strange since I have no problem with clay and though vegetables aren’t my thing I am a bit fan of their tales.

What I love though is the message of this carol.

The boy feels that he has nothing that is worth giving, yet is encouraged to give what he has.

Oh how many times that is true for me. I come before the Lord feeling mediocre at best and just above worthless at worst.

What can I give God? What can I bring that would be adequate to present to my King?

All I can give is all I am. My heart, my time and my talents are His. If I don’t use what I’ve got then why do I have it?

I encourage you this season to let the Lord use what He’s given you and step out in faith and trust that what He has given you is yours to use to bring glory to Him.


Would you have thought of giving a baby boy a drum solo?

What are a few other examples of people bringing all they had?


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like The Little Drummer Boy

  1. Why is it that God chooses to honor us just when we are feeling the most worthless? When I sing, it seems that the worse I do, the more people come up and tell me the song blessed them. Sometimes, when I teach, I have sin in my life that I’m not quite ready to deal with, and I feel like a hypocrite. It seems, on those days, that the Lord really speaks through me and touches someone. I think that’s why I love the song Little Drummer Boy. You would think that all of the adults would discourage (if not outright ban) him from playing drums for a newborn. Babies in general do NOT like loud noises. But, this little boy, having nothing but talent, offers his gift the only way he can. Did Jesus smile at him? I’d like to think so, although it’s more likely He screamed and Mary thanked the boy and told him to leave so she could calm Jesus down. If this song were true, and if Jesus did smile, it would give Mary one more thing to ponder in her heart. Today is (would have been) Dad’s birthday. That was one of his favorite Christmas songs.

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