4 Things I learned in “O” Town This Christmas

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Onalaska Washington, as I have for my entire life if I’m not in another state or country.

It’s what I do. I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t there Santa wouldn’t know what to do with the gifts for my sock.

I think we can learn things in almost any situation, so here are four things I learned this Christmas:

1- Christmas is still Christmas without the gifts.

My family decided that instead of drawing names and buying gifts we would buy food for a local food bank. It was a great chance to bless others and we had a great time Christmas morning.

2- Take time to care.

As I walked back from the church with my grandfather after turning on the heat he stepped off the sidewalk and bent down to pick up a piece of trash. I would have likely walked right past that,but he took time to do something he didn’t have to.

3- I enjoy sitting behind a Yamaha baby grand more than any of their fine keyboards/synthesizers.

When we turned the heat on at my grandfather’s church I had a chance to sit behind one for a minute and it. was. amazing.

4- The choir can be sneaky.

Who knew that in a small church in a small town they would have the choir return to their pews at a time in the service when I’m sure no one noticed. During the second verse of “O  Holy Night”, while we all were looking at our hymnals the ninja choir returned to their seats and nobody was the wiser.

All in all it was a good Christmas weekend. Time with family is to be cherished.

Did you have any unexpected lessons this Christmas?



2 thoughts on “4 Things I learned in “O” Town This Christmas

  1. A few Christmases ago I learned that Christmas is still Christmas even when beloved family members move to a far, far away land called Washington. This experience, sad as it was, helped prepare me to realize that Christmas is still Christmas when beloved family members move to an even farther land called Heaven. It was hard this Christmas without you guys, Mom and Dad. I’m grateful that we still have family here, and we had a really good time remembering, laughing, crying and prasing Jesus.

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