My Oh Twelve Finish List

What is a finish list you ask?

Remember the game Mortal Kombat? We had it on the Sega Genesis. When you defeated an opponent you were encouraged to “finish him”. Well a finish list has nothing to do with that game.

Resolutions usually die in a week or two, big plans get started, and then left when life crowds them out. But this year Jon Acuff has decided that he will have a finish list.

What is it that you’ll want to finish this year. Not just start strong and taper off, but actually be able to put a check in the box this year?

My list (in no particular order) for twenty twelve is:

1- Read through the Bible: I’m not using a “reading plan” just goin’ old school and reading from Genesis to Revelation.

2-Record a five song worship demo album.

3- Memorize the book of James.

4- Participate in the Seattle to Portland bicycle event.

There’s my list. It might grow and change a bit throughout the year, but I think it’s a good start.

What’s something that you want to finish in oh twelve?


2 thoughts on “My Oh Twelve Finish List

  1. Check out Niki’s Bible…I developed a daily reading plan-OT,NT,Psalms and Proverbs-the OT takes longer than a year, the NT is almost exactly a year, I’ll read thru Psalms twice, and Proverbs each month. It takes about 20 mins a day, with lots to mull over. (If you’re interested) This is scary…one of my goals is to memorize the book of James. We’ll have to talk about it when I get up there-it’s my favorite/hated book! I am also determined to eat better and exercise this year…so far, I’m a complete failure. I forget and just grab stuff. :>

    • Good news is there is still time to turn it around. 🙂 Thought I’d just go straight through the Bible. Took the number of pages and estimated it’ll take about four pages a day. What version are we memorizing James in?

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