Then There Were Two

It was the Wednesday before Christmas and all through the youth building…

No musicians were showing up.

We had sick people, people who needed to do their Christmas shopping (he wasn’t scheduled, but we called him as a back up) and people who hadn’t checked the schedule.

So what do you do when you’re scheduled to have a full band with three singers and the only people that show up are the leader (piano and vocals) and a guy with his electric guitar?

You have the guy who brought a electric guitar play piano and the leader just sing and you let people think you planned it hat way as a “low key” worship set at your Christmas service.

There is something genuine about worshiping with a congregation and just a piano or acoustic guitar and voices. I wouldn’t mind it being a scheduled thing once in a while just for a change of pace.

It forces us to focus on God and takes the possibility of getting “lost in the music” out of the equation. It’s just us, Him and our songs of praise. Nothing to hide behind, just time to worship Him.

If we’d have had candles I’m sure people would have thought it was planned, without them I’m not sure. But it was a great night of heartfelt worship singing to our Creator.

Have you done a “low key” worship set lately?

What would your set list look like if you just had an acoustic guitar or piano next Sunday?


What do you think?

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