One, Two, Three, Four

That’s really all it takes most of the time to be a good drummer for a worship set.

Sure, ocasionally you’ll need to step it up and count to six, but it’s easy to spot that song when the leader starts swaying to and fro as he strums his acoustic guitar.

It’s so easy for a drummer to get carried away hanging out with his good friends Thomas and Philip (too many fills on the toms), but usually we can serve the song best by keeping it simple.

A few weeks ago we played “Just To Be With You” and at the start of the song I though to my self KISD. Keep It Simple Drummer. I used the high hat on the verse, ride on the chorus and kept it to just kick on one and three and snare on 2 and 4 until I added a kick on the “and” of 3 to add a bit of power to the bridge.

When the song finished I felt like it was the best I’d ever played that song on the drums. I wasn’t searching for a way to make the bridge bigger. I had plenty of room to make it more driving without getting too busy.

As a drummer the main things we need to do are keep the time and serve the song. Usually this means playing something more simple.



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