BreakPoint Assembly’s First Pre-Launch

We had our first worship gathering at BreakPoint Assembly on Easter Sunday.

Our team met on Saturday and set up all of our “kids in the hall” equipment at Columbia Heights and then packed it up and loaded the truck with all of the equipment.

Most of us had never had to “bring church with us” and set it up the morning of the service, but it went very smoothly for our first time. We were set up, sound checked and ready to go before the time we were scheduled to start.

We hadn’t done much getting out in the community and inviting people so we were very pleased with the number that turned out. Everyone really pulled together and helped to make this a huge success.

We have monthly services planned for the first Sunday of the month in May, June and July with our official launch scheduled for September 8th. It is an exciting thing that God is doing and we appreciate your prayers.

If you are interested you can like our facebook page and follow us on the twitter.


2 thoughts on “BreakPoint Assembly’s First Pre-Launch

  1. Awesome. How are your pre-launch services going? I’m on staff in a second church plant. I’ve been doing portable church for 4 years.

    • They’ve gone well so far. Getting used to getting things set up. We are really blessed with the school gym/lunchroom that we are using, it’s only a few years old. One more pre-launch in July. We have been getting together our sound equipment and our launch team is doing great.

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