Finish Year- June Update

Haven’t done an update on my “finish year” goals. Finish year is something that author and speaker Jon Acuff started this year on his blog. He encouraged that we forgoe resolutions and set trackable goals for the year.

I will take the first Wednesday each month and give an update on how I’ve been doing on my finish year goals…starting in June.

1- Read through the Bible this year:

I’m on page 532 of 1104. I have failed at many Bible reading plans so this year I decided to take the number of pages and figure out how many pages it would take per day to get to the end. I should be on page 470 or so, so I am ahead of schedule on this one. Really enjoying being more disciplined in this as well.

2- Record a five song worship demo:

No recording yet. Have 2.7 songs written. Haven’t been able to give this one the time that I hoped thus far. Taking a break from school soon and hope to move forward with this.

3- Memorize the book of James:

My wife did this in the course of a 7 week Bible study, I’m so proud of her. I have written out the first two chapters and kind of fell off the horse. Need to get back on this one.

4- Participate in the Seattle to Portland bike race: Have a road bike.

Have been doing 30-50 miles rides each weekend and plan to make a 100 mile trip this Saturday. Found out that a family tradition is the Sunday of the two day event, so I’ll do everything I can to do the 200+ mile trip in one day.

That’s how I’m doing so far.

Do you have any resolutions or goals that you’re making progress on?


What do you think?

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