4 Reasons I Don’t Want To Plant A Church

My wife and I are in the process of helping to plant a church with a good friend and mentor of mine.

It is an awesome and somewhat overwhelming opportunity, and we’re super excited about it.

That being said, here are four reasons I don’t want to plant a church:

1- We love the people at our current church. We have friends, our kids have friends and it is comfortable.

2- It’s familiar. We’ve been at this church for the last five years. We know how things work and we’re used to it.

3- They have a baptismal. Seriously, how do you baptize new believers in a school gym/lunch room?

4- God is doing great things. It is exciting to see God moving through this body of believers.

Even with those reasons, I know that God has great things ahead for my wife and I as we set out on this new adventure.

We would appreciate your prayers for BreakPoint Assembly as we do out part to love people that Christ died for.


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons I Don’t Want To Plant A Church

    • We’ve done it in a big metal tub we borrowed from a feed store in the Salvage Yard. I would imagine that we would work out a deal with one of the churches in the area. Guess we’ll have to wait (hopefully not too long) and see.

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