Three Methods For Crafting A Stellar Worship Set

I’m sure you’ve been there. It’s Tuesday morning Saturday night and you’re stareing at Planning Center and wondering what songs will help your congregation really worship God.

What do you do?

There are some great articles on the interweb from guys like Paul Baloche and David Santistevan that offer insight into putting together a set list. I’d highly recommend checking those out.

But this quick post will give you three sure-fire ways to craft a stellar set list:

1- Praise Baby DVDs. Just pop in a DVD and pick four or five songs. You’ll have both hymns and some modern worship stuff to choose from. The songs are done pretty low-key so this works well if you only have a piano or acoustic guitar.

2- Do a Twitter seach for #worshipset or #sundaysetlist. People love to share on the social media, why not take advantage of that? You may be stuck, but hundreds of worship leaders aren’t (either that or they post their list after the fact).

3- Turn on K-LOVE (or your local Christian radio station). The songs are positive and encouraging and it’s likely that some of your members will be familiar with them.

You can listen for an hour or so and pick your favorites, but I prefer to just turn it on and go with the first five songs. This week we’ll be doing TobyMac’s Me Without You with acoustic guitar and mandolin.

There you have it. Next time you find yourself struggling to put together a worship set just turn to one of these three methods. Remember they work best on Saturday night.

When do you prepare your set?

Do you use the Twitter hashtags to see what others are doing?


What do you think?

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