Finish Year- July Update

Doing my monthly update on my “finish year” goals. Finish year is something that author and speaker Jon Acuff started this year on his blog. He encouraged that we forgo resolutions and set measurable goals for the year.

I will take the first Wednesday each month (unless it happens to be a national holiday) and give an update on how I’ve been doing on my finish year goals…starting in June.

1- Read through the Bible this year:

I’m on page 628of 1104. I’m over half way through. My wife is doing the same plan and I’ve been ahead most of the year, but sometime in the last couple of weeks she moved in to the lead. I’m doing what I can to remedy that situation and enjoying reading through the Word.

2- Record a five song worship demo:

Went over a couple of songs I have and worked on making them stronger. Played with my new recording interface and think I’ll really like it once I get down to using it. Wrote a song from Psalm 27 this week. This one is starting to come along.

3- Memorize the book of James:

Read through it a couple of times. Will probably get serious on this one after the Seattle to Portland is done.

4- Participate in the Seattle to Portland bike race: Have a road bike.

Being sick and lousy (yet usually for the northwest) weather has kept me from riding as much as I’d like. Plan to get out for 70 or so miles this Saturday and then the ride is on July 14th.

That’s my progress so far.

Do you have any resolutions or goals that you’re still working on?



2 thoughts on “Finish Year- July Update

  1. 1. Memorize book of James…still working on it…not getting very far due to:
    a. Catch up work at store…I’m still behind from when Dad died
    b. Catch up work at is not done and u will be here SOON
    2. Get better from injury here at work…doing physical therapy…hey…gotta go…your wife is on the phone!

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