That’s Why We Practice


You love them right?

They often don’t go as we planned, and that is what makes them fun.

We recently had our final pre-launch worship gathering at BreakPoint Assembly, and I’m glad that it was a “practice” run.

The truck arrived with our equipment around 9:30. We start at 10:00.

Now if you’re the math wiz that I think you are then you realize that is only a half hour.

I had some of the music equipment already set up since it came from my house, but we were rushed. We got set up and got a quick sound check by 10:02.

I have no idea how the nursery/toddlers or kids church did setting up with such little time, but my guess is they were rushed.

Then next fun exciting interesting thing that happened was that we didn’t have a sound tech… or computer person for the projector. As you can imagine, that makes things easier. We had a couple people step up and fill in the holes, which seems like it might be a common occurrence as we are starting out. Totally appreciate people’s willingness to help out where needed.

Prior to this meeting we bought a wireless headset mic for the speaker. I had it at my house and tested it out Saturday and checked it again real quick Sunday morning. We were good to to. Then when Pastor Phil started speaking I realized that he had the mic closer to his mouth so we were getting some distortion. Easy enough fix, I just need to adjust the gain. Problem is the gain is on the body pack and the body pack is on Pastor Phil’s belt. So I went up and got that adjusted, good to go.

Nope, still to much gain. Becky (Phil’s wife) saved me. She just stood up in the ailse and got Pastor Phil’s attention and had him pull the mic away from his mouth a little. Problem solved, eventually.

The last good fun different thing that happened was that we experienced feedback from our monitors. Haven’t figured that one out yet, but I have the mains and monitors in my garage so I can play around with it before our next worship gathering.

Church planting is exciting. I’m sure we’ll have days like this even during our regular meetings, but it was good to get a few of them out of the way before we hand our 5,000 flyers announcing our presence.

Do your mornings usually go as planned?

Did anything not go “according to plan” for you last Sunday?

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2 thoughts on “That’s Why We Practice

  1. Aren’t the words/phrases “mornings…go as planned” an oxy-moron? If they’re not, they OUGHT to be.

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