Seattle To Portland… On A Bicycle

On July 14th I rode in the 33rd annual Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. It hurt.

It was 204 miles, which is farther than I’d really like to drive in a car in one day so I figured why not do it on a bike.

I’d said often that I wanted to ride in the STP. I grew up in Castle Rock so I saw the thousands of riders come through each year and thought it would be cool to do.

This last year a student at our church heard me say that and she was happy to let me know that her step dad had a road bike that he hadn’t ridden in years, and that I could probably borrow it.

It was great just “wanting to” ride in the STP, but now it was actually possible, which meant I had to train,and ride…. far.

The hardest hill on the ride was getting up to the Saint John’s Bridge to enter Portland. It was by no means the biggest or steepest of the hills, but it came when you had already ridden over 190 miles. It hurt me.

Trials and temptations seem to be the same. Something that usually wouldn’t bother you or get you too distracted can come at a time when you are weary and straight up kick you in the teeth.

It’s probably not the worst that you’ve been through, but when you are tired and weak it can feel like the hardest thing in the world.

This is advice I need:

In the midst of your dream and the hustle, take time to rest in God. (click here to tweet this)

It makes all the difference in the world when you’re hope is not in you but in His power.

What do you do to refresh and rest?


What do you think?

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