Hey, We’re Twins

That’s all that they said to me.

I was walking out to our minivan (extra cool points for driving a minivan, I know) while we were on vacation in Lakeside, CA last week.

These two boys, probably about seven or eight, hollered out as I walked by.

“Hey, we’re twins.”

And you know what it takes to be twins?

A Lightning McQeen t-shirt and blue jeans. That’s it. Nothing more.

One of these boys was lighter skinned than I, and the other was darker than the only black guy who attended my private high-school in Longview, WA.

But they were twins, because they both had Lightning McQeen shirts and blue jeans.

I get that as the church we have denominations. The group of churches that I belong to call it a “fellowship”. I know that there are theological differences and we don’t always see eye to eye.

But what if instead of differences, we chose to focus on what we have in common?

Lightning McQeen shirts and blue jeans.

I love seeing churches work together across denominational or any other lines. It is encouraging that many people are able to lay down an agenda and work together for the cause and the glory of Christ.

After all, we’re twins.


What do you think?

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