Oregon Way

Quitting is easy. Finishing is sometimes hard, but usually worth it.

One of my favorite sections when I’m running the lake is when I come to the trail that parallels Oregon Way. It’s at this point that quickest way to be “done” with my run is to just go ahead and finish it.

Until then I have a few bridges that would provide a way for me to be done with my run without having to actually finish. I think to myself “two miles is a good run, nothing to be ashamed of.” But when I started I set out to run four miles, and I’m no math whiz but two miles is significantly less than four.

Once I hit Oregon Way I know I’m either going to make it or fall down in the wet grass and roll in to the lake, but there is no quitting.

Life is hard. No matter how ya slice it or who you are it’s likely that you are going through things that are testing and trying  you. But God gives us the strength we need to go on.

There are times when I feel like quitting would be the easiest way to be done with something and it’s amazing the things that God will use to say “keep going, this is what you’re supposed to be doing.” And when I know that quitting seems like less of an option, if I know He’s called me I need to finish.

Is there something you’re working on right now that is hard?

Let me know in the comments, I’d be honored to pray with you.


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