Leafless, But Not Lifeless


Clumsy people do it. Gas prices have done it lately. Leaves do it all over your yard once a year.

Fall. A magical word that is both a verb and a season. The leaves change color and then take the plunge, leaving trees naked when most of us are putting on extra layers to keep warm.

Sometimes in ministry and in life I feel leafless. I don’t always feel like what I’m doing is being productive. Like maybe there is nothing to show for the time and effort that I’m putting into things. I feel like a bare tree, just standing there in the rain and the wind, waiting for spring.

But even when that tree doesn’t have any leaves, doesn’t have anything that looks impressive, it’s growing and maturing. Bering prepared for the fruit that it will bear in season.

James 5:7-9 tells us to be patient and to stand firm. God’s timing is different than ours, and while from my point of view sometimes that’s hard, we need to trust him.

When we’re not produce fruit or what we’re doing isn’t something that others are impressed by it is important that we continue to seek Him and grow in Him.

It’s OK to be leafless, for we know that spring is coming.


What do you think?

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