It’s Thursday

This is an email I wrote to a team I’m part of. Just letting y’all know what’s going on with me these days.
I don’t know most of you that well, and that’s probably my fault, so I’m sorry. Just thought I take a minute and share a bit about some good size changes in my life.

Since April 2012 I was working with a team to plant a church. I was the worship director/set up and tear down/social media/media/U-haul driver guy. It was busy, but for the most part I enjoyed where we (my family and I) were serving.

Last month I got a new job (ministry stuff is all volunteer for me) with better pay and much better benefits for my family. However my new schedule meant not being available on Sunday mornings, so we needed a new church. My parents church has a Saturday evening service, so we’ve been attending there.

In this season I could really use prayers as we get involved with this new church. We’ve been there about a month and a half and I’m meeting with the worship pastor (who is new) next week. I’m excited about where God has us and looking forward to new opportunities but could use prayers to navigate these transitions well.


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