Everything Is Changing


I recently started a new job. This job is completely unrelated to ministry, yet it has greatly impacted my ministry responsibilities. I am super excited about the change in occupation and looking forward to what is in store for me at the new job. 

However, with the new schedule I will be working on Sunday mornings. Which, according to my math, won’t allow me to be at church on Sunday mornings.

My family and I were part of a team that recently helped plant a church.
We poured our lives into this. We feel that God called us to it and we did what we could to serve with the team at BreakPoint.

We don’t always (or often) see where God might be taking us. I am grateful to have been a part of the BreakPoint family as they began their journey and will continue to pray for BreakPoint to have an impact in the south Longview area.

My wife and I have decided to attend East Hills Alliance. Two main reasons were: they have a Saturday evening service and it is where my parents attend.

It is different getting to know people and being at a mostly new church. We are excited to see what God would have for us in this new adventure and are praying for His direction and guidance (as always).


What do you think?

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