It’s 5:00 AM And I Must Be Crazy

Thanks Carlos!

Yesterday I was reading a blog post by Carlos Whittaker where he talked about how he was getting up at 5:00 AM to get more done is his day. He has a set time to be in bed and a fancy little wristband with a vibrating alarm that won’t wake his wife.

I’ve tried the “get up early and get stuff done thing in the past, and I liked it. I’m actually not really sure why I stopped doing it. I found that I was more productive in the morning than when I’d stay up later. It was easy to schedule time in God’s word and prayer when I have a couple of hours in the morning before I leave for work. Now, I don’t have a fancy vibrating wristband alarm clock, so I downloaded an iOS app with a vibrating alarm and found an old basketball wristband to hold my iPhone on to my forearm, good to go.

This morning I was able to adjust the intonation on my bass (which I’m playing tonight at East Hills), set up some new lighting for shooting video in my garage and write a quick blog post.

Most mornings will be spent working on design/video stuff for church and for my YouTube channel, learning Adobe After Effects, working on worship stuff and spending time in the Word and prayer.

Now this is all stuff that I can work on at night after my family goes to bed. The problem with that is I often don’t, and then when I do I stay up later than I should. I think the mornings will help me to add structure and time frame to getting some of the projects done that I have.

So, am I crazy? Is there anything in your life that would be worth getting up a few hours early to have time to work on?


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