Why 5 AM Didn’t Work For Me

A little over a month ago I read a post by Carlos Whittaker and was motivated to start getting up at 5:00 AM to start my day off with a chunk of time to take care of some projects.

However, that didn’t work for me really well, but probably not for the reasons you’d think.

Early Morning

Yes, getting out of bed at 5 was hard, but the reason that I was frustrated with getting up at 5 was because I didn’t feel like the chunk of time was large enough to accomplish much.

By the time I would get out to the garage eat my cereal, watch Rhett and Link’s #GMM and read my Bible I would only have about an hour to work on things. And to me, that didn’t seem like enough time to justify getting out of bed so early.

So I’ve decided to get up at 4:00AM. This gives me time to take care of the morning routines and still have a two hour window for working on design/media/video projects in the morning. I’m doing this so that I can do these projects without having to take time away from spending with my family.

It’s been working pretty well so far. I sometimes am less organized with my plan for the morning than I’d like to be, but I’m trying to have a “to-do” list set up the night before so I know which projects are a priority.

When do you accomplish your best work? Early in the morning or are you a “stay up for as long as it takes and get ‘er done” kinda person?


What do you think?

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