Punched In The Stomach And Chasing A Dream

Yeah, the title is a bit long, but it is kind of how I feel these days.

I’ve known for a few months now that I would be getting laid off at the end of the year. My current employment has an expiration date that is fast approaching. And that is rarely a good thing. I like my job, it provides for my family well and most of my coworkers are great people. And I’ve only been there since the middle of April this year, so I was in no hurry to leave.

But the budget has to tighten it’s belt and shed a few pounds and unfortunately that means laying off three employees, of which I am the middle.

That’s hard. No way around it.

But through this season God has really been showing my wife and I some opportunities that we will have in this season.

The plan is to return to school through some training programs with unemployment and earn a degree in Graphic Design, something I love doing and would be thrilled to learn how to do it right.

There will also be more time available for ministry. I’m excited about some branding projects and video work I’ll get to help with at our church and being able to be more involved with the worship and youth ministries.

And with a school schedule and not a “work during the day every weekend” schedule we are able to be a part of launching a new congregation with East Hills Alliance and partnering with pastors whom we love and respect through that process.

It’s still hard. I have two weeks left of work.

But it feels like God is saying “It’s probably not the way you expected it, but here, go and chase your dream.”


What do you think?

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