If You Aim At Nothing

Actually, I don’t believe that you can aim at nothing. If you’re about to shoot at nothing I would argue that you’re not aiming at all. Recently I wrote up some purpose and value statements for a class at church and thought I’d share them with y’all here on the blog.

I am called to love God, love and provide for my family and show God’s love to those around me by the way that I live my life. I am an introvert who loves to be around people and make them laugh or smile. I feel that God has made me “pretty good” at a few things but am still waiting to find one thing that I truly excel at. Or maybe I will just excel at being 2nd or 3rd best, I enjoy being a “wing-man” and doing what I can to help others succeed.

Value: God

My relationship with Christ is the most important one that I have. Without it as my anchor the rest of life’s details would be impossible to navigate. I need to take time daily to spend time reading and meditating on God’s Word and praising Him for who He is. From this relationship flow my relationships with my family and with others. This relationship needs to be my priority on a daily basis.

Value: Family

My first area of ministry is (needs to be) my family. Before I serve in any way at a church or the community I need to make sure that I am loving and leading my family well. I need to commit to a schedule that my wife and I agree is healthy for our family and purposely plan quality date and family times during the week.

Value: Ministry

Serving in the local church is something that God calls each of us to in some manner. I will use the gifts that He has blessed me with to help serve a local congregation. I feel that some of the ways that God has gifted me to serve are in church communications (video, design, social media), worship ministry and youth ministry. My focus seems to shift throughout those three at different times, but I am often involved with all areas in most seasons of my life (jack of all trades, master of none).

Value: Helping young people own their faith

I grew up in the church, and it can be easy to know and do enough Christian things to get by while you’re growing up. But to be able to know why you believe and do the things that you do is extremely important as you set out on your own. Letting teenagers ask the hard questions and wrestle with the reality of God and why we would choose to live for Him is something that I hope to have more of a chance to be a part of.

Value: Music

I love praising God through worship music. I think it is a unique experience to be able to pour out our hearts before the throne of God. To sing songs corporately that affirm our faith and give glory to the Father is something that I am passionate about.

Value: Social Media/Digital Connection

I believe there is great power in the forms of digital communication that are available for the church today. Online interaction will never replace in person human interaction, but it can definitely enhance and add to the experience that people have with the church. Figuring out how to use different means of digital communication and what works best for the church is something that I enjoy working on.

Value: Dependability

I want people to be able to know that if I say I will do something that I will do it. And do it to the best of my ability and on time. I’m by no means a perfectionist, but I want to be known as a person that can be counted on to take care of what he told you he would do.

Value: Fun

Seriously, I like to have fun. I think that God likes us to have fun. We are not always in a place where we want to smile, and there are times to weep, mourn and grieve. But we also have an amazing joy because of who we are in Christ. It’s okay to be silly and enjoy life, right?


What do you think?

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