4.5 Reasons I don’t Blog Often

If you’ve been reading my posts over the last couple weeks then you’d know that there haven’t been any.

I’m an inconsistent blogger at best.

Today I’d like to share four and a half of the reasons that I don’t blog very often, very regularly or sometimes very well.


  1. I don’t make time for it. There is no schedule for when or how often I will post. I post when I have something to say and nothing else (homework, video projects, Angry Birds Go) to work on.
  2. Finding an audience is hard. I know that I’ll write for a while without having many people read it. I don’t need to have a huge following on my blog, but sometimes it is less than motivating to think of the three people that will wonder why I haven’t posted in a while.
  3. I don’t have goals. I am not aiming at anything. I’m thinking about changing this and actually getting a clearer (more clear?) idea of why this blog is taking up space on the interwebs.
  4. I don’t feel like my opinion is that important. I’m just an unemployed guy, going to school and volunteering at his church. There are way more qualified people out there to write about anything that I’m doing. However, I’m pretty sure that God could use the stories from a guy in a garage to help or encourage others.

And the half reason is a fear of people not liking it. This is only half a reason because people would have to read it to not like it. And once I have people reading it I’ll probably be so thrilled that I won’t be concerned with whether or not they like it.

I love being able to learn from what others have gone through and I feel like there are probably people who can find encouragement from what I’m going through. If what I write can help a couple of people, then I need to write.

So that’s why I write infrequently. Though that may change here soon.

What about you? What are your excuses for not sharing your story with the world?


4 thoughts on “4.5 Reasons I don’t Blog Often

  1. Right there with you… I had a crisis a few weeks back where I got so worked up over not knowing what I should write and not sticking to a schedule and how small my audience is and if anyone is even listening.

    Since then, I’ve been diligent for 7 straight weekdays. That’s probably not much to the big-shot bloggers of the world, but then again, I’m not a big-shot blogger. I had to come to terms with that (as silly as it sounds). I hardly wrote last year. Now I have some time where I can afford to write more, and it’s been incredibly freeing once I got back to writing what I liked and not what I thought the audience (that I don’t have yet) wanted to hear.

  2. I know how you feel. Since I’ve had to cut back on my online time, and I haven’t been able to read many other blogs, I’ve lost a lot of traffic to my blog. It’s hard to see if what God leads you to share ever reaches anyone. God brought my attention to a page under my admin where you can view what people searched on the internet to land on your blog. Every day someone is searching for answers to their struggles and God has led them to a post He had me write. So be encouraged that though many may not read something when you first post it, at the right time God will lead the right person to that message to encourage and minister to them.
    Blessings to you,

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