Three Good Things And A Misplaced Mustache

Sometimes you see a mustache and think to yourself “Welp, that doesn’t belong there.”


That was the case this last weekend at a youth retreat that I was able to go on with our church. The retreat was great, the worship was great, the band was great. But the misplaced mustache was a little distracting at first.

It was fine during the worship times, I think it was just the initial surprise.

There were three things that I though the worship band did really well:

  1. They had fun: When they were worshiping you could tell that these guys were having a good time. They played well, sang well and smiled. I think that it is important for students to see people having a good time in the presence of God.
  2. They engaged with the students: During worship and throughout the weekend. There were songs that involved jumping, clapping and “na-na”ing at each other. I also had the opportunity to be across the paintball field from the bass player and noticed the band interacting with students during meals and free time. I love that they were willing to just be part of the students life throughout the weekend.
  3. They sang hymns: And not just one. They sang one or two hymns during each set and the other songs they sang were theologically sound. It is important to not just pick “fun” songs for students to sing during the weekend. The songs that we sang were packed full of truths about God. I think sometimes we teach more theology through song than we realize, and these guys did a great job.

Fusion was blast and it was great to spend the weekend with students worship, learning about Jesus and having fun.

What are things that you see worship bands doing right?


What do you think?

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