Everything Is Awesome

It’s a catchy song, that’s for sure. And I find myself inspired (probably a bit too much) by the Lego Movie and by this song.

This clip has a short part of the song, I didn’t think that you needed to take three and a half minutes and listen to the whole song. You’re welome.

One of the lines in the song says: “Lost my job, it’s a new opportunity. More free time for my awesome community.”

There is also a line about dipping your body in chocolate frosting, but we’ll not be discussing that one today.

I’m encouraged by the endless positivity and optimism of this song (and Emmet in the movie).

Having been jobless and going back to school for the last few months it’s been difficult at times to stay positive and to trust what God is taking me and my family through. I have great opportunities because of my schedule these days, but when my focus is on the struggles or the unknown it can be easy to let my joy slip away.

When I look at the amazing things that God has already done in my life it is much easier to trust Him in the present and be excited about the awesome opportunities that are ahead.

When big changes, challenges or opportunities come your way what is your first reaction?


What do you think?

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