I Walked Out Of Church

I was sitting in the back at the trendy tables during worship. Not standing as the worship leader had invited us to, but sitting (though sitting on the stools makes me a similar height as when I stand, so I think that God is OK with me sitting).

I noticed that the back door to the main hall was open. As was the door to the church.

So I stood up (as I’d been invited to do earlier) and walked out.

I needed to cry. I needed to be louder and move more than is generally practiced in our church. So I walked out. I walked down the street to a park, and then learned that there are trails that leave the back of this park and head down into the woods.

Forest Trail

That is where I worshiped. In the woods. We were singing Hillsong’s “Oceans” when I’d left the main hall, and I stood on a fallen tree that was across and yelled that to God for a bit.

I’d be willing to bet that He heard me. I also think He’d have heard me just as well if I’d been sitting in the back of the church with my head in my hands whispering it.

I am a big fan of worshiping God through song with a room full of people. Whether I’m leading, hitting the drums or in the congregation, I believe that singing God’s praises together has many benefits.

But that weekend I needed to be in the woods, yelling to God. And He met me there.


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