Social Media: The New Narthex

There are about 72,000 ideas of what social media should be for a church, and it’s my guess that at least 83% of those ideas are at least partially true.


One of the primary roles that I see for social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email Newsletter, Blog) in the church is an extension of the narthex.

Now you might be thinking “I’d agree with you Wayne, but what in the sam hill is a narthex?”. And I’m glad that you asked.

According to Webster’s a narthex is:

1: the portico of an ancient church
:  a vestibule leading to the nave of a church
I’m not going to lie, I had to use the Google one more time to learn what the nave of a church was (and if you’re not sure, this is what Google says).
The narthex is where the coming and going happened. Where you found out about George’s week and all the fun that Mrs. Evans is looking forward to with her grandkids next weekend. Conversations are happening, people are sharing their lives and their stories with others in the church family.
I think that this informal, seemingly unimportant at times, conversation is something that social media can help the church use to simply stay connected during the week.
How is your church using social media?
What is your current favorite site/platform?
photo credit: Alex Bruda |

What do you think?

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