Back At It?!?

You know who I’m OK with letting down?


When something will only affect me (or at least I think it only affects me), I have a much higher chance of not doing it than when I know others are counting on me. I may have a case of GED.

Good Enough Disorder. When it comes to working on a project that is just for me, good enough is often where I’ll stop. There is a spot in my garage where you access the storage above and one of the latches doesn’t work. But you know what, the other one does. And that makes it good enough. So that is how it has been for the last two years.

So far this year (2016) I’ve managed to post a video on my YouTube channel each week. I’ve tried to do this before with mixed success. A lack of views can make it hard to put the work into a video (even if it’s just a vlog). But I wanted to keep going this year, and I have for a few months.

guy beard back forest.jpeg

That’s not me. I am physically incapable of growing a beard. It is simply a picture that I found when I searched for “back” on an image site. I’ve heard that people like blog posts with images.

I like writing. And some folks like reading. I miss blogging (kind of, sometimes). So, since April is nearly upon us, my goal for the rest of this year will be to have a written post on my blog at least once a week. Let’s aim for Thursday mornings (because who wouldn’t want to read something on a Thursday morning?).

Thanks for getting back on this journey with me, it should be a great ride.


What do you think?

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